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Welcome to Influences, an elegant, modern and gourmet restaurant located in the heart of Bordeaux. 

Our establishment stands out for its refined cuisine which boldly combines local flavors and modern influences.

In an elegant and friendly setting, we offer a unique culinary experience where each dish tells a story to awaken your senses and take your taste buds on a journey.

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The Alliance


A heartfelt alliance between the modern cuisine of our chef Ismaël and the excellence of Keveena's service.

This couple will know how to pass on to you their love of tableware which has inspired them since their childhood.

Their shared passion will make you experience a unique moment reflecting their commitment: to make you experience a moment of pleasure!


A modern kitchen


Attention to detail is at the heart of our approach.

Our unique Menu offered in several sequences is designed to give you a real experience.


The chef offers you creative and seasonal cuisine. Throughout his professional career, Ismaël has worked at prestigious tables, notably at Guy Savoy at the Monnaie de Paris.


His time at these renowned institutions shaped his culinary vision, combining classic techniques and contemporary influences.

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The wine cellar


Here, passion for wine blends with excellence, offering a high-end and varied selection to accompany our modern French cuisine.


Discover carefully chosen wines, from renowned classics to hidden gems, all promising to enrich your dining experience.

Guided through this taste adventure, making each tasting an unforgettable moment.


Between two streets


Located at 36 Rue Saint Sernin, 33000 Bordeaux, our gourmet restaurant is nestled in the privacy of a charming alley, a hidden setting between two lively streets in the historic heart of Bordeaux.


This privileged location offers a peaceful escape, inviting our guests to a unique culinary experience, far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

36 Rue Saint Sernin 33000 Bordeaux

05 56 81 01 05

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